After my husband confessed of his unfaithfulness I felt so alone–so isolated. I wanted to connect with someone or something. In my despair, one of the ways I found that connection was through music. Because of the emotional distress caused by our loved ones devastating choices there are times when we cannot put words to our feelings; lyrics can do that for us. Music can soothe our fragile and weary minds. Encouraging songs bring a much-needed solace when our thoughts are tormented by heart wrenching betrayal. Lyrics with messages of hope can assist us on our healing journey.

I set out to find artists who have written songs about their own healing journeys—songs that could touch a wounded heart. As you listen to the voices of those who have walked the path before you—the path of pain, sorrow and a hope restored, please know that you are not alone on your journey. Most of the songs listed below are from Christian artists. I found that this genre of music consoled me more than any other genre during my time of recovery; perhaps they will comfort you as well.